Trafalgar Court Project

Date: 14th May 2019

Britain’s sporadic weather has made it the perfect environment for Dry rot. It can appear in all types of property, old and new, so make sure you’re looking for the early signs. It can emerge from a minimal water supply, making areas such as kitchens and bathrooms high-risk. if left untreated, wood can lose its strength and lead to structural damages.

Our expertise in treating Dry Rot led us to Trafalgar Court. A recently converted flat was displaying Dry rot symptoms. The issue had been neglected; this allowed the rot to spread freely. This caused five other flats to be affected by the untreated rot.

Due to the severity, we had to replace a large oak timber roof beam and install a new floor in one of the flats. This involved lifting the centre island in the kitchen out and re-fixing it into position. Signs of Dry rot can include white fluffy mycelium spreading across the wood, mushroom-like fruiting bodies or red dust from spores. Please contact us, if you would like a surveyor to come out and view your property.

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