Wall Tie Failure and Replacement



Failure of wall ties has become a significant problem in more recent years. Many home and business owners are affected by this damage as it can lead to long term structural issues. The main cause of failure is when the metal ties begin to rust. Other causes can be attributed to improper workmanship, poor quality mortar or incorrect amount of wall ties. To fix this, we use the best tools and materials to give you a long-lasting solution.

The danger with rusting wall ties is the possible collapse of the cavity wall. If not surveyed and fitted correctly, these problems will re-occur and can lead to future costs, risks and deterioration.

When your cavity wall ties begin to deteriorate, using a swift replacement service will help protect your property. Our qualified surveyors will assess your ties for signs of wear, before moving onto the replacement process.



Cavity wall tie replacement is required when the original cavity wall tie becomes corroded/rusty. It expands forcing the bricks apart at the joints a class tell-tale sign of a problem is horizontal cracking appearing on the walls. Our surveyors will undertake a specialist survey using a metal detector to determine the position of the wall ties. An endoscope is used to inspect the ties in the cavity. If the ties are showing corrosion they will need replacing.

We undertake full wall tie replacement using Austenitic Stainless Steel Ties. The type of existing tie will determine which type are installed. We supply all the necessary scaffolding to undertake the job to a high standard. As with all our work, wall tie replacement is covered by insurance. We are also members of the Wall Tie Installers Federation. So when you use Heritage Preservation you know you’re in safe hands!

Cavity wall tie replacement is designed to tackle wall tie corrosion. Using Austenitic Stainless Steel ties, we’ll restore your properties structure swiftly. In the absence of a replacement, you may experience cracked walls and crumbling bricks. This can act as a risk to everyone surrounding your property. As with all our services, we will work effectively and efficiently to yield the best results. Our wall tie replacement service comes with a complete guarantee, giving you complete security.

Our Guarantee

All of our services come with a complete 10 year guarantee and a insurance backed guarantee. Click Below for more information