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Finding ways to stop fungus and insects damaging your property is difficult. Neglected pieces of wood may be taken over by pesky invaders and replacing it can be very costly. Luckily, at Heritage Preservation we have a solution for everything.

We can offer you a full or part service that allows you to manage the costs. You can keep costs low by brushing down the timber before our spray treatment. This gives you complete flexibility throughout the process.

There are two main root sources for damaged timber. The most common causes are Fungi and Woodworm. Looking for these early signs will help keep your property protected. Remember, Fungi and Woodworm doesn’t just appear in old builds! Modern buildings can be equally affected by them too.



The causes of wood rot are commonly found in many homes. Certain types of fungi will need minimal water to grow, this makes them common in many structures. Serpula lacrymans and is the most serious form of fungal decay in a building that doesn’t need moisture. Other Fungi will require more of a water supply. Having an assessment of the building will help outline the current condition of the wood.

Outbreaks of rot can start in many ways. The wood-destroying fungi that spawn during an attack produce millions of microscopic spores. These are widely dispersed by air currents from external and internal sources. If they fall on untreated damp wood they will begin to grow. These spores develop inside the timber and break down the wood in the search for food. The wood will darken and look damaged as a result.

After longer periods, the wood loses its strength. This may make the structure hazardous for its occupants. Dry and Wet Rot will require alternative treatments, so making sure you know the early indicators is crucial. Click these links to find out more about the process of rotting: dry rot / wet rot



In the UK, there are many insects that infest a large percent of homes each year. All these species of beetle invade and consume wood, leaving destructive effects. The type of woodworm can depend on your location and type of wood used. For example, the common furniture beetle normally only attacks seasoned sapwood timber, not live or fresh wood. Here are a few warning signs we think indicate towards a woodworm problem.

– Boards and joists with weak edges

– Minute holes in woodwork

– Beetles present around your home

– Dust around holes in woodwork

Woodworms larvae eat its way up and down the timbers and cause structural damage to the timber. It is at this stage that the frass, or dust, that is often the first sign of a woodworm infestation is produced.

Towards the end of the woodworm lifecycle, larvae form a pupal chamber where it enlarges the tunnelling towards the surface of the timber. This pupates from the larval stage into an adult woodworm beetle. The adult beetle then eats its way through the last thin veneer of timber producing the round exit holes that you normally see.

An emerging adult beetle will create distinct round exit holes. This is a clear sign of woodworm infestation. The females live for between 10 and 14 days but the males only live between 3 and 4 days.

Once the adult male beetles have emerged their sole purpose is to mate with as many female partners so that the lifecycle continues. Using our woodworm treatments service is the best way of protecting your property in the future.

the treatment

What can we do?

Firstly, the timbers need to be prepared by brushing down to remove any dust and debris. This is something the client can do themselves prior to our arrival to reduce cost.

All carpets and furniture need to be removed from the rooms being treated. We will then treat the timbers. The treatment will remain within the layers of timber, in any cracks and exit holes to prevent future infestations.

We treat timbers by spraying a one entry permethrin-based fluid. This creates a layer of strong pesticide that protects the wood from pests and fungi.

Treated rooms can be reoccupied just one hour after treatment has dried. Ensuring the least amount of disruption to the client.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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