Dealing with Condensation, Dampness & Mould

Condensation is the major cause of dampness within a building. It is the most common form of dampness that can appear in your home. Damp can be evident through wallpaper peeling, unsightly black mould growths and discolouration. If left untreated, condensation mould growths can be potentially harmful. The NHS states that it can cause respiratory issues and immune system complications. This can reduce property value and be potentially dangerous for the occupants.

let’s find the cause

main causes

Mould growth can be down to many potential issues. But there are a few re-occurring examples that might help you gain an insight into the problem.



Temperature can play a huge part in condensation control. Controllable elements such as inside room temperature are integral. Maintaining a 16-20-degree temperature will enable a room to hold more vapour without condensation. Replacing single glazed windows with double or triple glazing might also be beneficial! Outside temperature cannot be controlled. But, changing your windows as mentioned above could be a great way to stop temperature fluctuation.


water vapour content

The amount of water vapour content in the air will determine the chances of developing mould. Activities such as cooking, bathing and washing can affect the airs water content. Making sure there is adequate ventilation will help with this air circulation.


geographical location

Variation in temperature from the external environment is difficult to control. Geographical location and the conditions of the atmosphere can play a large part in condensation. Although avoiding this is nearly impossible, it may explain an increase in mould growth. Factors such as air current and wind speeds can have an overarching effect on your property.


Why does it occur in homes?

Condensation appears in your property due to a lack of adequate ventilation. This causes humidity levels to rise. The airborne water vapour condenses into a liquid and deposits onto walls. Creating dark stains and damage. Condensation issues are more common in properties which are poorly heated and ventilated. Air circulation is a key factor in reducing these issues. Simple changes like avoiding hanging clothes on radiators can help avoid mould growth.

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