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waterproofing of a structure

Structural Waterproofing is the term used to describe waterproofing of a structure. Many buildings may be damaged by water penetration as a result of their age and/or poor structural engineering. Here at Heritage Preservation, we have undertaken structural waterproofing on many projects. Waterproofing solutions we specialise in:

  • New build properties with an earth retaining wall
  • Underground car parks
  • Lift shaft pits
  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Cellars

Below ground level waterproofing is required commonly in underground structures. These areas are normally completely or partially enclosed by earth, making them hard to reach. Property built on different levels may also experience the same issues. Our mission is to make sure a dry internal environment is created which aligns with the intended use of that property.

A common mistake we find is the confusion between structural waterproofing and damp proofing. Damp proofing deals with issues above ground, seen with internal and external elements. Structural waterproofing systems are used to deal with below ground water ingress/penetration.

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the benefits of structural waterproofing

Structurally waterproofing your property can have many benefits. Securing your basement/cellar from water damages can add extra living accommodation. It is a cost-effective way of gaining more space in your home whether for storage or another room. It will also help keep the value of your property instead of decreasing it over time.

A leaking water supply in your home may be costing you more money. Finding the source and lowing the cost of your water meter will also be cost-effective. Waterproofing can be complex, so making sure you pick the right company is crucial. Structural waterproofing standards agencies also advise that structural waterproofing should be installed and designed by a qualified company. We have both the accreditation and expertise to create long-lasting solutions for all your property’s needs.

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Before undertaking any works on your property, we will carry out a full survey of the area. This will be conducted by one of our qualified surveyors (CSSW). Then a report and quotation detailing works will be prepared and submitted for your inspection. All structural waterproofing needs to be undertaken to the highest standard. Here at Heritage Preservation, we pride ourselves on the standard of our work.

We carry out two Types of structural waterproofing

Type A – Fully tanked such as cementacious or bonded membrane external membrane.

Type C – Cavity drainage membrane.

The best practice where feasible i.e on new construction is to do a belt and braces approach. This uses Type A to stop the water coming in and Type C to mop any seepage. This is often a requirement by end insurers such as NHBC.

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